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A Leading Education Consultancy in Vadodara, Gujarat

Who Are We?

A Leading Education Consultancy in Vadodara, Gujarat

Abroad Education is a prominent education consultancy established by Tanmay Shah in 2013. Abroad Education affiliated with the best colleges as well as universities in Abroad and India. Abroad Education offers the Advice of MBBS admission in over 150 Plus Colleges/Universities all over Abroad exclusively in Georgia , Russia , Ukraine , Kyrgyzstan , Kazakhstan.

Abroad Education Consultancy Also offering the Advice of, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Care, Dental , Physiotherapy, Environment, Psychology, Business/Commerce, Hotel Management, Engineering, & Many More Courses Admission in Over 400 Plus Colleges/Universities of all over Abroad exclusively in Canada , Uk , Australia.

Abroad Education offering the Advice of admission in over 100 Plus Colleges/Universities of all over India in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal & U.P. By guidance from our specialists, students may secure their entry and then their career in the area of Medical, Paramedical, and also all related specialist courses. So they may be found with the best package to gather with potential job offers.

Abroad Education presents career guidance, admission instruction, Visa Assistance, Sop/Resume Preparation, Forex Services, Ticket Booking, Pre Departure Guidelines, as well as post-study Programs. Services are offered via personal assistance, correspondences, phone consultations, and E-mail communications by our skilled team. For our clients ease we certainly have established our Offices in Vadodara. Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, and Surat .

AEC Abroad Education started its journey in 2013, founded by Mr. Shah. He always knew that he wanted to start his own business and to look for good opportunities and ideas, so after his education, he started working at MNCs. Still, after passing several years, in 2013, his wife pushed him to start a business with the right idea, and she knows all abilities he has. At the initial phase of the study, Abroad Business Company struggled with trust issues because of the newbie and getting certain queries like visa process, university selection, bank loans and post-study work are the prime concerns for students and parents, and we make sure that every query is answered and every concern is addressed. Mr Shah and their team work hard to help the students. Simultaneously getting trust, they launched new products in the market and opened New Branches in Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot.

Mr Shah believes that "All our dreams can come true. If we have courage to pursue them."

AEC Abroad Education Consultants is a World Wide Education devoted to empowering students to pursue their studies abroad. We are registered with British Council Division, and our counsellors have been trained to promote education in these countries. We have offices atBaroda, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Bhavnagar.

Mr Shah's mission behind starting the Company was "If you want do business with long vision so you need to established a firm with proper address where your client visit you."

The mission behind this is that he wants to create a company name as a trusted brand in the Market and establish a company office in every city where students get the maximum benefit of services.

"A leader has the vision & conviction that a dream can be achieved. He Inspires the power & energy to get it done."

As a company, it is a promise to us and our students and their parents to provide the best quality overseas education consulting services. We will honour the promise to help realise the dream of studying abroad.

Mr Shah is familiar with all the intricacies of International Education and the immigration issue that students face; his extensive knowledge and prompt response make it imperative to offer services in all aspects of foreign education and queries students have regarding studying abroad.

"I foresee my ambitious fulfilled in carrying out the dreams of the aspiring student who pursue their dream." In Pandemic (Corona) & Russia-Ukraine war, he got so many queries and challenges both times. Mr Shah and his team worked patiently 24×7 hours to reach all students in India safely.

During the Pandemic and wartime, he continuously communicated with students, parents, government, universities, and institutions, especially with the Air services between Poland and the Romania Border.

During that time, for Students who had been stuck abroad, Mr Shah and their team managed all facilities provided to them. Ultimately, all students reached home safely; no one was affected by Corona. THIS IS TRUE SUCCESS.

"Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it. "


He is a live example of this quote. He is working hard with dedication and a positive attitude patiently.

Success mantra: The objective of Mr Shah and AEC Abroad Education's inception was to provide the best education with professional counsellors as per the student requirements & this has become the mantra of their success.

Success Stories

  • 98% visa success rate.
  • Nineteen thousand students to several world-class universities/colleges around the world.
  • US$15.5 scholarships.
  • Thirty-eight universities have exclusive scholarships for AEC students.
  • Safe in Pandemic and Russia and Ukraine war.

AEC ABROAD EDUCATION CONSULTANTS & Mr. Tanmay Shah’s mission is to create multiple success stories worldwide.
"I wish everybody a glorious future."
Mr Tanmay Shah (Managing Director)

Our Values

We value “Skills and Concepts”. We extend values beyond the classroom by assuring that the skills and concepts taught in the classroom are authentic and useful in the outside world. Education is all about imbibing wisdom among students, thus making a person educated, with the skills and well-taught concepts to deal better in the world.

Our Mission

Abroad Education works on the mission to inspire students towards the achievement of personal goals with the development of students through various personalized activities to enhance the academic performance of each student.

Our Stretegy

Our strategy is focused on offering a multicultural and friendly environment, where students learn basic skills and core academic content. Abroad Education works on the development of special talents and social competencies.

“The Founder and the Managing Director of AEC-Abroad Education Consultants. Mr Tanmay Shah is the epitome of hard work and perseverance. A Dynamic and generous human being, he is why AEC has grown into a full-fledged overseas education consultancy. Skilled in both business and management, along with a pleasing personality. He has over nine years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry and has been involved in building a business from scratch. He is spearheading team AEC towards our next phase of growth and profitability, intending to make it the default platform for prospective students to research and decide about careers and colleges related to higher education abroad.
He is a proven leader in the online space. These qualities have moulded our Director, Mr Tanmay Shah, into a triumphant youth icon.
He was born in 1985 in Dahod. Before starting AEC, he completed his Education MBA course in marketing. Then he worked for so many MULTINATIONAL companies as a Business development executive in Baroda for five years. ”



MBA - Marketing at Sikkim Manipal University

MANAGING DIRECTOR, Abroad Education Consultancy

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